TermPair lets you view and control terminals from your browser with end-to-end encryption. It is a unix client, a server, and a webapp. It makes pair programming or teaching easy. Built with FastAPI, React, Xterm.js, websockets.

The Big List of Python Packaging and Distribution Tools

An interactive web app to explore Python packaging tools


Python application installer. Like brew, apt, and npx, but for the Python ecosystem.

Read more about the origins of pipx here.


A browser-based frontend to gdb. Written in Python and JavaScript/React.


Realtime road conditions and webcams for the Lake Tahoe, California area.

We were up in Tahoe in the winter, getting ready to come home, and it starting snowing really hard. I wasn’t sure if I needed chains or not, and didn’t really know where to look. I struggled to find the right site for chain info, so I made this site with the sole purpose of getting bay area travelers chain and road info as easily as possible.